S. No Volume-2 Issue-2, March 2023 Published by: ASET Journal of Management Science (ASET JMS) Page No
Authors: Dr. F J Peter Kumar, Ms. Hepsibah S
1 Paper Title: Self-Help Group Development And Women’s Empowerment Via Recycling 1-7
Authors: Ms. Porselvi R
2 Paper Title: Economic Empowerment Of Women Through Stock Trading- A Study On Systematic Investment And Systematic Withdrawal To Minimize Risk And Maximize Returns 8-14
Authors: Dr.P.Ragu
3 Paper Title: A Study On Women Empowerment And Economic Development Of Working Women In Kilvelur Taluk, Nagapattinam District 15-25
Authors: Ms P.Sahithi and Ms A.SivaSangari
4 Paper Title: Smart Traffic Management using AV’s and LiDAR 26-32
Authors: Mr Ajay Shivam S, Mr Anjith Kumar T
5 Paper Title: Machine Vision 33-37