S. No Volume-3 Issue-1, January 2024 Published by: ASET Journal of Management Science (ASET JMS) Page No
  Authors: Ms.Esther Martina& Dr.B.N.Suresh Kumar  
1 Paper Title: Integrating Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning in Workplace Tools: A Paradigm Shift in Boosting Employee Productivity and Efficiency in IT Areas. 1-7
  Authors: Mr Anantha Krishna S B & Dr. R. Sritharan  
2   Chatbots and Virtual Assistants: Reshaping Employee Experience in HRM 8-23
  Authors: Dr. V. Arul Mary Rexy, Dr. L.N.Jayanthi , Dr. Kalaivani N  
3 Paper Title: The Pattern Of Investment And The Level Of Awareness Among Investors Of Salaried Class In The Thiruvallur District 24-35
  Authors: Dr Sonia  
4 Paper Title: The Interrelationship between Perceived Emotional Intelligence, Self-Efficacy and Classroom Management Among Higher Education Teacher’s: An Empirical Study  36-41
  Authors: Sai Bhaviyashree  
5 Paper Title: Decoding Consumer Perceptions: A Comprehensive Analysis Of Head And Shoulders Shampoo In The Dynamic Indian


Authors:  Dr catherine
6 Paper Title: Challenges and perspectives of a transitional women entrepreneurs  58-61