S. NoVolume-2 Issue-5, September 2023
Published by: ASET Journal of Management Science (ASET
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 Authors:Ms P. Malvin Felicia, Dr. S. Annie Priyadharshini 
1Paper Title:Women Entrepreneurs In Micro Enterprises In India: Issues And Interventions In Women Entrepreneurship1-15
 Authors:Ms A.H.Vidhyalakshmi, Dr.D.Arivazhagan 
2Paper Title:A Comprehensive Study on Gender, Marital status, Work-life Balance and Well- being16-22
 Authors:Mrs. Mallika Karthick, Dr . Asrafi 
3Paper Title:A Study On M Commerce Business Ideas And Opportunities For Trans Gender Women Entrepreneur23-34
 Authors:Dr. Bhavna 
4Paper Title:Perception of Gender and Barriers : Through Social Entrepreneurs35-47
 Authors:Mr. Surya. B, Dr. M.R. Hemamalini 
5Paper Title:Contribution Of Women Entrepreneurs Towards Indian Economic Development48-55