S. No Volume-2 Issue-1, January 2023 Published by: ASET Journal of Management Science (ASET JMS) Page No
Authors: Ms Sandhiya.K, Mr Suriyanarayanan.S
1 Paper Title: Big Data Analytics 1-4
Authors: Mr Thilagaraj S, Mr Dhakshanamoorthy P M
2 Paper Title: Leadership for Safety 5-8
Authors: Ms. Sathvika M.V, Ms. Deepasri S
3 Paper Title: The Role of Financial Inclusion and economic empowerment of women – A Study with reference to Unilever Plc. 9-16
Authors: Ms. V. Uma Maheswari and Ms. P. Kalaiyarasi
4 Paper Title: Women Empowerment Through Women Entrepreneurship 17-23
Authors: Ms A.R.Varshini, Mr.Rishi S
5 Paper Title: Unleashing The Power Of Women: Empowering India’s Hidden Strength 24-28