S. NoVolume-1 Issue-3, September 2023
Publsihed by: ASET Journal of Management Science
Page No
1Paper Title:Employee Recognition – Case study in HRM1-2
 Authors:Dr S. Madhavi 
2Paper Title:Current Ethical Issues in Teacher Education3-7
 Authors:Mr John Thomas C, Dr. Sabitha Janet, Dr.
Clement Sudhahar
3Paper Title:Unravelling Hazards: Investigating Root Causes of Occupational Accidents in the Manufacturing Sector8-14
 Authors:Mr B. Venkatasai, Ms A. Siva Sangari 
4Paper Title:Smart Farming using IoT for Healthcare of Cattle15-22
 Authors:Mr B. Sanjaikumar, Mr S. Suriyaprakash, Mr R.
Thirupathi, Dr.T. Loganayagi
5Paper Title:Graphical Password Authentication Specifically For Shoulder Surfing Attacks,(Email Password Authentication)23-31