S. NoVolume-1 Issue-2, July 2023
Published by: ASET Journal of Management Science
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 Authors:Dr B Geetha 
1Paper Title:A study on importance of skilled labour force in the development of Indian economy1-5
 Authors:Mr G.Ramachandran, Mr S.Kannan 
2Paper Title:Super Artificial Intelligence Technologies in knowledge Administration6-12
 Authors:Dr.V.Suganya, Dr.M.Kalaivani, Dr.N.V.Suresh 
3Paper Title:Development and Implementation of Robots for Various Farming Tasks and Its Impact on CostEffectiveness and Efficiency – An Automation Perspective13-18
 Authors:Mr P. Sai Narendra, Ms A. Siva Sangari 
4Paper Title:Catalyzing Women Safety: The impact of IOT19-22
 Authors:Ms Radhika P, Mr Abivathan J, Mr Dinoo Joel P
J, Mr Harinivash P & Mr Mithun K
5Paper Title:Gesture-Enabled Robotic Arm On Rover For
Precise Remote Manipulation