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Volume-1 Issue-1, May 2023

Published by: ASET Journal of Management Science


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 Authors:Mr S. Chandran, Dr.T.Ramachandran 
1Paper Title:A Case Study On Sustainable Development In Agriculture Vs. Food Security1-2
 Authors:Dr.S.Purushothaman, Dr.Saikumari.V 
2Paper Title:A Case study on effective workforce handling towards productivity: A challenge for Human Resource at Gee Gee supply chain solutions Private Limited3-7
 Authors:Dr.V.Suganya, Dr.M.Kalaivani 
3Paper Title:A Study to investigate the portrayal of women in media and its impact on women’s self-esteem and societal attitudes towards them8-17
 Authors:Dr M.Kalaivani, Dr.N.V.Suresh 
4Paper Title:Advance agricultural methods – Use of drones in satellite agriculture18-25
 Authors:Mr Sakthivel. S, Mr Hakkim Mahmood.B,
Mr Pratheesh.S
5Paper Title:Technological Development in Toxic gases
& Substance